About Us

Our History and Expertise

Clement & Reid was established in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in late 1971 by John Clement, a registered Land Surveyor and Town Planner. Shortly thereafter, John Reid joined him to form Clement & Reid. The business operated from various Eastern Suburbs addresses until the late 2000s when it relocated to Macquarie Park, and subsequently to its current location in Bella Vista.

Initially, Clement & Reid offered services such as boundary marking, detailed surveys, small subdivisions, and planning advice. Over time, the business grew organically into a comprehensive surveying and planning firm. As early adopters of the second generation of laser scanning technology, Clement & Reid recognised its potential to overcome previous limitations and revolutionise spatial data generation and extraction, particularly with the introduction of Revit modeling software.

In recent years, Clement & Reid has returned to its roots by once again offering dedicated Town Planning services to its clients. This commitment to evolving with technological advancements while honouring foundational expertise underscores the firm’s enduring legacy and adaptability in the surveying and planning industry.

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What Makes Clement & Reid Different?

Clement & Reid is recognised in the industry for its dedication to providing tailored solutions that cater to the specific requirements of each project. Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their objectives by leveraging our experience, knowledge and the utilisation of technology over established older methods. By focusing on the needs of clients and staying updated on advancements and regulatory updates, Clement & Reid delivers services that bring added value through efficiency and effectiveness.

Our approach ensures that each project is handled with precision, using current technology to provide seamless data integration for subsequent users. This dedication not only achieves project goals but also enhances the overall value of our services by saving time and improving outcomes. Furthermore, our proactive stance on regulatory changes ensures compliance, adding another layer of reliability and efficiency to our work.

Trust & Industry Experience

Decades of expertise working on projects of every size.

Smarts & Skills

Employing the latest tools for detail, precision and accuracy.

On Time & On Target

Achieving our outcomes to consistently meet project deadlines.


Experience Matters

Clement & Reid’s success is greatly influenced by the experience our company possesses. With a long history and a team of talented staff, we provide clients with well-informed guidance and services that adheres to all current laws and guidelines. This wealth of experience leads to efficiency, cost effectiveness and dependable service.

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What services does Clement & Reid offer?

Clement & Reid offers a comprehensive suite of surveying services including land surveying, town planning, high-definition 3D laser scanning, BIM solutions, GIS, and subdivision services and management.

How does Clement & Reid ensure the quality of its services?

Our company is ISO 9001 Certified, reflecting its commitment to maintaining a high-quality management system. Additionally, our owners actively work within the business, ensuring a hands-on approach to quality control.

What areas does Clement & Reid serve?

While our company operates predominantly in the Greater Sydney region, it also extends its services to Regional NSW. From the vibrant neighbourhoods of the lower and upper North Shore to the bustling Western suburbs, the scenic Eastern suburbs, and beyond, we’re dedicated to reaching clients wherever they are.

With a commitment to excellence, our reach extends far and wide, ensuring that no matter where you’re located, Clement & Reid is there to meet your needs.

What makes Clement & Reid's approach to projects unique?

Clement & Reid provides bespoke solutions to each project, applying years of experience and appropriate current technology to provide effective and efficient solutions to your project requirements.

Clement & Reid stands out in the fields of design, architecture, engineering and construction by providing custom solutions that cater to the needs of every project. 

Some of the technologies we use include high definition laser scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions.

How does Clement & Reid support its clients and staff?

Our company values its relationships with clients and suppliers, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. This allows for comprehensive advice and support. Additionally, Clement & Reid strives to provide an environment conducive to professional and personal development for its staff, along with a work/life balance.