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Surveying Nsw Developments

Clement & Reid is a premier surveying and planning consultancy firm that has been operating in New South Wales since 1971. Our ranging skills include laser scanning, BIM solutions, urban planning, GIS and thorough land surveying services including subdivision services and management. 

Whether it’s the streets of Sydney CBD or the peaceful countryside of rural NSW, our team of accomplished professionals are ready to tackle projects of all sizes. We take pride in providing solutions customised to meet each client’s unique requirements ensuring accuracy and excellence in every project we handle.

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Sydney CBD And Inner West

In the heart of Sydney and its vibrant Inner West, Clement & Reid offers specialised surveying services that cater to the dynamic and complex nature of urban development. Our services in these areas include detailed land surveys, construction support, and town planning, all designed to navigate the intricacies of city regulations and space constraints. 

With a deep understanding of local requirements, our team ensures that projects progress smoothly, from initial planning to final execution.

Hills District And North Shore

Serving the Hills District and the North Shore, Clement & Reid brings a wealth of experience in managing both residential and commercial surveying projects. Our services within these areas include boundary definition, topographical surveys, and development application support, tailored to the unique topography and regulatory environment of these regions. 

With a commitment to using the latest technology, you can rest assured that our services ensure accurate and efficient outcomes for all our clients.

Western And South Western Sydney

Western and South Western Sydney, regions known for its rapid growth and development, is supported by the comprehensive surveying services provided by Clement & Reid to facilitate the expansion and transformation of the area. 

Our team is adept at handling large-scale land development projects, offering services such as land subdivision, high-definition laser scanning, and GIS mapping to facilitate development in this bustling region.

Central Coast And Rural Nsw

Clement & Reid services the Central Coast and rural areas of NSW, offering specialised surveying solutions that cater to the unique challenges of non-urban environments. 

Our expertise in rural surveying, land development, and environmental planning helps clients navigate the complexities of rural land management and development, ensuring sustainable and successful outcomes.

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Whether you're embarking on a new development project or require expert surveying services, Clement & Reid is here to guide you. Our team of specialists are ready to provide you with the advice and support you need to make informed decisions and achieve your project goals.

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