Expert Witness

What Is An Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is pivotal in helping to resolve disputes by offering impartial, evidence-based perspectives that can influence the outcome of a case. In surveying, they may be engaged in legal areas such as boundary disputes, claims of disrepair, construction disputes and disagreements over property valuations. 

Expert witnesses are tasked with conducting examinations, which may involve examining records, deeds, survey maps and other pertinent documents to formulate a professional opinion. Their conclusions are then presented clearly and understandably through written reports and verbal testimony to aid the court or in making informed decisions.

What We Offer

At Clement and Reid, we specialise in providing reliable expert witness services across a broad spectrum of surveying fields. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each with extensive experience in their respective areas, ready to deliver comprehensive analyses and objective opinions.

Strategic Legal Insights

It is vital that an accurate account of events is recorded in case of a dispute. Our expert insights assist in achieving quick and precise legal outcomes.






Our Expert Witness Services

At Clement & Reid we offer a full range of Expert Witness services, noted in detail below. However, our team are available to guide you to the right services for your needs.

Questions On Ownerships

Provide expert testimony on land and property ownership issues.

Boundary Disputes

Resolve boundary disputes with precise, accurate survey data.

Expert Reports And Opinions

Deliver expert reports and opinions for legal and planning matters.

Skilled & Insightful

Our Expert Witnesses are not just experienced; they are insightful professionals who bring depth and clarity to complex issues. Our expertise is instrumental in navigating the intricacies of surveying legal disputes, ensuring that every angle is thoroughly examined and accurate.


Expert WitnessFAQ

What qualifications should a surveyor have to serve as an Expert Witness?

A surveyor acting as an Expert Witness should possess extensive experience in the field of surveying, typically with a minimum of 15 years of professional practice experience. They should hold relevant registrations, qualifications and memberships in professional bodies such as GeoSpatial Council of Australia or Consulting Surveyors NSW.  Continuous professional development and specific training in providing expert testimony are also crucial to ensure they are up-to-date with industry standards.

In what types of legal cases might a surveyor serve as an Expert Witness?

Surveyors can serve as Expert Witnesses in a variety of legal cases involving Strata,  land subdivision, land development and property disputes. This includes boundary disputes, construction disputes, cases of professional negligence, planning issues, and ownership and responsibility extents. Their expertise is vital in providing clear, objective, and technically sound evidence to support the Court.

What is the role of a surveyor when acting as an Expert Witness?

When acting as an Expert Witness, a surveyor's primary role is to provide an independent and impartial opinion based on their professional expertise to assist the Court in understanding the issues of a case. They must prepare detailed reports, possibly conduct site inspections, and present findings in court or tribunal settings. Their testimony should help the court understand complex surveying issues and contribute to a fair resolution of the dispute.

How does a surveyor ensure impartiality when providing expert witness testimony?

Impartiality is fundamental to the role of an Expert Witness. Surveyors must base their testimony solely on their professional assessment and not be influenced by the parties involved in the case. They are required to adhere to strict ethical guidelines, professional standards,  and regulation  Their duty is to the court or tribunal above any obligation to the party who has appointed them.

Can a surveyor act as both an advocate and an Expert Witness in the same case?

No, surveyors should not act in both roles in the same matter. To do so would create a potential for perceived or real conflict of interest which is to be avoided. The surveyor must ensure that when acting as an Expert Witness, their testimony remains neutral and unbiased, focused solely on providing factual and expert evidence.