Town Planning

What Is Town Planning

Town Planning is an extensive field which requires both technical expertise and an understanding of local government requirements and statutory and regulatory framework. Planning professionals balance the built and natural environment, society’s culture and needs to create developments within the public interest.

It is a challenging field to work within as the progressive nature of land development is governed by dynamic natural and legislative restrictions. Planners are involved in multiple stages of development and provide wholistic view from concept to completion.

What We Offer

Specialising in development assessment and land use our planners are instrumental in the consultation and designing of strategies and development to ensure the best outcomes for clients, as well for the benefit of communities.

We offer a comprehensive range of town planning services, including development applications, planning reports, environmental assessments, and certifications. Our expertise spans across sectors like commercial, industrial, residential, and mixed-use developments, catering to diverse client needs.

Detailed and Extensive

Our services encompass an extensive array of offerings.






Our Services

Our full selection of Town Planning services are listed in detail below. However, our experienced team are available to guide you to the exact service/s you need for your project.

Advice and Consultation

Development Application Objections

Prepare and submit objections to proposed developments on valid grounds.

Appeals Against Refusal Of Development Applications (DAs)

Challenge council's refusal of development applications through formal appeal processes.

Planning Approval Pathway And Strategy Advice

Guidance on optimal approval routes and strategies for development projects.

Review Of Existing Development Approvals

Assess and analyse previously granted development approvals for compliance issues.

Review Of Likely Developments Costs Inc. Application Costs

Estimate potential costs associated with proposed development projects and applications.

General Town Planning Advice

Expert guidance on various aspects of town planning regulations.

Subdivision Advice

Specialised advice on land subdivision processes and requirements.

Unauthorised Building Works

Address and resolve issues related to construction without proper approvals.

Crown Certificate Advice

Guidance on obtaining Crown Certificates for specific development projects.

Address Matters With Council

Assist in communicating and resolving issues with local council authorities.

Request For Further Information Responses For Local Councils

Comprehensive responses to council's requests for additional development information.

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Planning Reports

Due Diligence Assessments

Assess risks and opportunities of land prior to purchase.

Constraints Reports

Identify known and likely site characteristics, including mapped constraints.

Planning Reports

Advice on property's relationship to policy, legislation, and value.

Statement Of Environmental Effects

Document outlining development proposal and compliance with relevant regulations.

Review Of Environmental Factors

Environmental assessment for activities exempt from seeking consent from authorities.

4.6 Variation Statements / Assessments

Justify variations to development standards in Local Environmental Plans.

Dilapidation Reports (Pre & Post)

Document condition of surrounding properties before and after construction.

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Development Application

Application to local council seeking consent for land development projects.

Construction Certificates

Approval sought to begin construction of development consent-approved projects.

Subdivision Works Certificates

Approval for subdivision-related works through council or private certifier.

Building Information Certificate

Application for suspected unauthorised works, providing 7-year council action protection.

4.55 Modification Applications

Amend existing development approvals under three levels of modification.

Rezoning Applications

Planning proposals to change land zoning, including council meetings and approvals.

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Project Management

Management Of Applications And Consultants

Oversee development applications and coordinate with various consultants.

Land Development Including Subdivisions

Manage all aspects of land development projects, including subdivisions.

Council Development Applications Including Land Acquisition

Handle complex development applications involving land acquisition processes.

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Quality Tools and Techniques

Our team comprises experienced and knowledgeable town planners dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions.


Town PlanningFAQ

What is a Development Application (DA)?

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request made to the local council for permission to carry out a proposed development or land use change. It is a legal requirement for most types of development, including construction, demolition, subdivision, change of use, and certain renovations or alterations. 

The DA outlines the details of the proposed development and demonstrates compliance with relevant planning controls, policies, and regulations.

What is a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)?

A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is a report that accompanies a Development Application (DA). It provides a comprehensive assessment of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed development. 

The SEE outlines the development proposal, addresses relevant planning policies and controls, and demonstrates how the development will mitigate or manage any adverse impacts on the natural, built, and social environments.

What is a Constraints Report?

A Constraints Report is a comprehensive analysis of the known and potential constraints that may affect a particular site or land parcel. It identifies and assesses various physical, environmental, and regulatory constraints that could impact the development potential or suitability of the land. 

These constraints may include factors such as steep terrain, rock outcrops, bushfire risk, ecological considerations, geotechnical issues, contamination, heritage listings, zoning restrictions, and other planning controls.

What is a 4.6 Variation Statement / Assessment?

A 4.6 Variation Statement or Assessment is a report prepared to support a request for a variation or exception to a development standard specified in a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Clause 4.6 of the Standard Instrument LEP provides a mechanism for consent authorities to grant exceptions to development standards in certain circumstances. 

The 4.6 Variation Statement outlines the specific development standard being varied, demonstrates that compliance with the standard is unreasonable or unnecessary in the particular case, and provides sufficient environmental planning grounds to justify contravening the development standard.

What is a Rezoning Application?

A Rezoning Application, also known as a Planning Proposal, is a formal request to change the zoning or land use designation of a particular site or area. It involves amending the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to rezone the land from one zoning category to another, such as from residential to commercial or industrial. 

The application typically includes a detailed planning proposal, supporting studies and reports, and justification for the proposed rezoning based on strategic planning principles and the public interest.