Building Information Modeling (BIM)

What Is Building Information Modeling?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that oversees all aspects of a building’s data from start to finish. It acts as a design tool that allows architects, engineers and builders to work together in planning, visualising, and documenting building projects digitally before actual construction begins. 

BIM goes beyond design by creating a representation of the building that includes detailed information on construction processes, logistics, operations and maintenance. This model plays a role in project management by enabling the integration of information related to budgets and schedules. After handover, the BIM model serves as a facilities management asset for building owners containing all data and documentation about the structure.

What We Offer

Here, at Clement and Reid we excel in providing high quality BIM services. Our industry leading experience in asset capture technology and digital documentation allows us to provide a wide range of BIM deliverables such as Revit®.

We are here to assist you in creating BIM-ready, survey accurate models. Our dedicated, onshore team works closely with our clients to ensure that each project is specified for each purpose. These BIM-ready models, containing a valuable database of information will provide a strong foundation, essential for any projects success.

End-to-End Project Management

Our aim is to make your experience as straight forward as possible. We achieve this through a streamlined specification process, guided by our industry leading BIM experts.






Our BIM Services

We offer a specialised BIM services. Our full list of related services is noted in detail below. However, our team are available to guide you to the right services for your needs.

BIM Ready Survey Models

High accuracy as built survey data, delivered in a BIM environment.

NSW Spatial Digital Twin

Our models are compatible with the common data environment containing the NSW’s spatial information.

Underground Utilities Mapping

Underground services delivered within a 3D BIM format.

Clash Detection

Run clash detection on proposed against existing conditions.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

Real time visualisation of existing conditions.

Expert Precision in BIM Implementation

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are experts in BIM technology and its application across various stages of building design and construction. We ensure that all project stakeholders are aligned and that every phase of your project benefits from optimised workflows and advanced digital tools.


BIM ServicesFAQ

What are the key benefits of using BIM?

BIM offers significant advantages including enhanced coordination among stakeholders, reduced errors, and increased efficiency in the construction process. It allows for better visualisation of projects, improved clash detection, and streamlined modifications during the design phase.

How does BIM contribute to cost savings?

By enabling detailed visualisation and acting as a common data environment, BIM helps in identifying potential issues early, which reduces the need for costly changes during construction. It also helps optimise resource allocation and scheduling, leading to more efficient project execution.

Can BIM be used for existing buildings?

Yes, BIM is not only for new projects but can also be applied to existing structures. It involves creating a digital model of the existing building, which can provide the foundation for renovation, maintenance, or expansion projects.

What is the role of a BIM manager?

BIM managers act as the collaborators between the client, engineers, architects and the supply chain. Overseeing the 3D spatial, 2D Drawings, and informational data across the project.

How does BIM integrate with virtual and augmented reality?

BIM models are compatible with virtual and augmented reality technologies, providing immersive experiences that enhance project visualisation. This integration allows stakeholders to explore complex details of a project in a virtual environment before actual construction begins.